06 June 2020

Version 0.05 - 0.06

0.05 - The white background isn't very nice and the layout can be improved a lot.

0.06 - Added some buttons to select different locations to see local weather, also changed the filters, they are now hidden by default and visible by clicking on a filter button.

05 June 2020

Version 0.04 - 0.05

0.04 - There's a basic layout but it need's some more structure.

0.05 - Added a header to possibly be used on other pages as well.

04 June 2020

Version 0.03 - 0.04

0.03 - The basics are there, filters and location markers. Unfortunately the markers can only show plain text when you click them.

0.04 - Smaller map with next to it a field that automatically shows data based on the location marker that is selected.

03 June 2020

Version 0.02 - 0.03

0.02 - Not happy with the look of the filters.

0.03 - Nicer looking and easier to use filters and a layout that works a bit better. Still unsure of the layout of the page so back to a wider format.

02 June 2020

Version 0.01 - 0.02

0.01 - A title, some filter options and a map to display location markers.

The filters took me some time to understand and figure out, mainly the fact that the map should take into account multiple filters at once and always update on the change of a filter without users having to press a button to update the map.

0.02 - Let's try a different layout, at this point, with some help from another Bubble.io user I managed to have the filters working and also added a number of locations to the database to test with.

01 June 2020

A first attempt

Step 1, come up with an idea, step 2 try to turn that idea into reality, step 3 give up because of reason X.

Step 1
For a while I had this idea of a website on which I can find places to swim based on several filters, this was the gist of it, there are some extra features that would be nice/cool to have but those would be extras.

Step 2
I know a bit of HTML and CSS and could create something simple from scratch but it would be too much work and probably still look like something created by a 10-year old. So this is where my journey into no-code began.

Time to figure out how Bubble.io works.